Mon Nov 5th – Justin Latam

1. Mike Galbraith “Built to Break” Here Elsewhere EP 2. Adrianne Lenker “womb” abysskiss 3. Drinkard Sisters “Apples and Oranges” Enough Already 4. The O-L West “Dying to be Born” Afterthoughts 5. Birdie Whyte “Bread and Butter” 6. Marissa Nadler “Blue Vapor” For My Crimes 7. Will Courtney “Coming On Strong” Crazy Love 8. Justin […]

Mon Oct 29th, 2018 – Jacob Van Dongen

1. Adrianne Lenker “symbol” abysskiss 2. Will Courtney “Loaded” Crazy Love 3. Roxanne Potvin “Nuit Electrique” All It Was 4. Animal Electricity “Confidence Games” Beginning to See the Light 5. Jane Siberry “Walk On Water” Ulysses’ Purse 6. Iron & Wine “Autumn Town Leaves” Weed Garden 7. Poor Player “Go” CJAM Singles Club 8. Jacob […]

Mon Oct 1st, 2018 – Mike Ward

1. Stompin’ Tom Connors “To It and At It” To It and At It 2. Rae Spoon “I Held My Breath” bodiesofwater 3. Catriona Sturton “Heavy Weather” BumbleBee 4. Jim Bryson “Cut Bait” Tired of Waiting 5. Bird City “Bird City” Winnowing 6. Dusted “All I Am” Blackout Summer 7. Mattie Leon “Signal Hill” Signal […]