Mon May 27, 2019 – Allesandro Rotondi

1. Just Mustard “Frank” Single
2. Skye Wallace “There Is A Wall” Skye Wallace
3. The Yawpers “Dancing On My Knees” Human Question
4. Reigning Sound “Everything I Do Is Wrong” Abdication… For Your Love
5. Damien Jurado “Where You Want Me To Be” In the Shape of A Storm
6. MZTF “Liar” Single
7. Caroline Spence “What You Don’t Know” Mint Condition
8. Allesandro Rotondi Music (live in studio) “Drifting”
9. Allesandro Rotondi Music (live in studio) “Tomorrow Never Comes”
10. Allesandro Rotondi Music (live in studio) “She’s Everything”
11. Matthew Milia “Attention Students” Alone At St. Hugo
12. Johnny West feat. Tara Watts “Your Dishrag Soul” CJAM Singles Club

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