Mon May 20, 2019 – Ty Sharron

1. Damien Jurado “Where You Want Me to Be” In the Shape of a Storm
2. Calexico / Iron & Wine “Father Mountain” Years to Burn
3. Daniel Romano “Empy Husk” Finally Free
4. Lydia Persaud Music “Honey Child” Let Me Show You
5. Mac Demarco “All Of Our Yesterdays” Here Comes the Cowboy
6. Tara Watts “By My Side” Pale Blue Moon
7. Max Marshall “Workin’ in the Salt Mines” Songs from Windsor
8. Catriona Sturton “Heavy Weather” Bumble Bee
9. Ty Sharron (live in studio) “Loosen My Hold”
10. Ty Sharron (live in studio) “Where I Want to Be”
11. Ty Sharron (live in studio) “Boston Surprise”
12. Donovan Woods “Our Friend Bobby” The Other Way
13. South River Slim “Buckle Up Baby” Single

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