Mon June 3, 2019 – The Scrappers

1. Allesandro Rotondi Music “Around You” Around You
2. Tanbark “Promise to Send” Tanbark
3. MZTF “Liar” Single
4. Years of Ernest “Teetor Totter” Sort It Out
5. Tara Watts “Met A Girl” Pale Blue Moon
6. The Scrappers (live in studio) “Had A Friend”
7. The Scrappers (live in studio) “Everything’s In Style”
8. The Scrappers “Feel Love” The Scrappers
9. Drinkard Sisters w/ The Scrappers “Do I Do I” The Basement Tapes
10. The Scrappers (live in studio) “Love of My Life”
11. Mike Galbraith “Built to Break” Here, Elsewhere

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