Mon Jan 7, 2019 – Karen Morand

  1. The Ar-Kaics “Some People” In This Time
  2. Stephen Malkmus &  the Jicks “Middle America” Sparkle Hard
  3. Outrageous Cherry “Gotta Get Back Inside Your Mind” Meet You in the Shadows
  4. Molly Burch “To the Boys” First Flower
  5. The Scrappers “Think Like A Thief” Single
  6. Roxanne Potvin “I Know It’s Good” All It Was
  7. The High Strung “Really Very Careful” The High Strung
  8. Papa Ghostface “Prayer for Redemption” What We Lost in the Flood
  9. Karen Morand (live in studio) “Coffee”
  10. Karen Morand (live in studio) “The Old World”
  11. Karen Morand (live in studio) “True North”
  12. Stephanie Boulay “Je Pourrai Plus Jamais” ce que je te donne ne disparait pas
  13. Allison Brown “Current Collide” Single

    Karen Morand – CD Release Show Fri Jan 7th @ Green Bean Cafe (Windsor) 8pm

    karen morand

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