Mon Dec 3rd, 2018 – Nick Juno

  1. Papa Ghostface “Flood & Fists” What We Lost in the Flood
  2. The Brandy Alexanders “Ceiling Fan, Man” The Brandy Alexanders
  3. The Wanderlust Club “Sexual Friends” Sexpectations
  4. Outrageous Cherry “The Beginning of the End of the Night” Meet You in the Shadows”
  5. Drinkard Sisters “Paper Chain” Enough Already
  6. Mike Ward “The Other Side” We Wonder
  7. Nick Juno (live in studio) “Narc Angel”
  8. Nick Juno (live in studio) “2330 Blues”
  9. Nick Juno (live in studio) “Nothing New”
  10. Karen Morand “True North” Every Flash of Light
  11. Anthony Retka “The Other Side” Fields & Fortress

Nick Juno Live on CJAM

Nick Juno

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