Mon Nov 5th – Justin Latam

1. Mike Galbraith “Built to Break” Here Elsewhere EP
2. Adrianne Lenker “womb” abysskiss
3. Drinkard Sisters “Apples and Oranges” Enough Already
4. The O-L West “Dying to be Born” Afterthoughts
5. Birdie Whyte “Bread and Butter”
6. Marissa Nadler “Blue Vapor” For My Crimes
7. Will Courtney “Coming On Strong” Crazy Love
8. Justin Latam (live in studio) “Oh Geronimo”
9. Justin Latam (live in studio) ” Late Night Lady on the Side”
10. Justin Latam (live in studio) “D.L. Flier (Down She Goes)”
11. Max Marshall “Park Songs” Songs About Windsor Ontario, Vol. 1″
12. Jane Siberry “Sail Across the Water” When I Was a Boy

Catch Justin Latam live this Fri Nov 8th @ Rino’s Kitchen & Ale House (Windsor)

Justin Latam 1

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