Mon Oct 15th, 2018 – Len Wallace & Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers

1. Len Wallace (live in studio) “Never Tire of the Road”
2. Tony Dekker interview (Great Lake Swimmers)
3. Great Lake Swimmers “The Real Work” The Waves, The Wake
4. Len Wallace (live in studio) “Strose to Stroma Sou”
5. Len Wallace (live in studio) “Ballad of Red Dan”
6. Len Wallace (live in studio) “Celtic Slavic Balkan Yiddish Russian Ukrainian Fusion”
7. Great Lake Swimmers “Falling Apart” The Waves, The Wake

Stream the past 5 weeks here at CJAM

Len Wallace Live

Len Wallace

Fri Nov 2nd @ Taloola Cafe (Windsor)
Sat Nov 3rd @ Gaelic League (Detroit)
Wed Nov 7th @ Communist Daughter (Toronto)
Thurs Nov 8th @ Casino Windsor

Great Lake Swimmers Live

Great Lake Swimmers

Fri Oct 19th @ The Ark (Ann Arbor)


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