Mon Oct 1st, 2018 – Mike Ward

1. Stompin’ Tom Connors “To It and At It” To It and At It
2. Rae Spoon “I Held My Breath” bodiesofwater
3. Catriona Sturton “Heavy Weather” BumbleBee
4. Jim Bryson “Cut Bait” Tired of Waiting
5. Bird City “Bird City” Winnowing
6. Dusted “All I Am” Blackout Summer
7. Mattie Leon “Signal Hill” Signal Hill
8. Mike Ward (live in studio) “We Wonder”
9. Mike Ward (live in studio) “The Other Side”
10. Mike Ward (live in studio) “Anarchy”
11. Mike Ward “Still the Same” We Wonder
12. Frank Newsome “When I Heard” Gone Away With A Friend

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Mike Ward

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