Mon June 17, 2019 – Years of Ernest

Skye Wallace “Stand Back” Skye Wallace The Scrappers “Had A Friend” The Scrappers Mike Galbraith “Time To Split” Here, Elsewhere MZTF “Liar” Single Allesandro Rotondi “Drifting” Around You Lily Frost “Cruel World (Nickel & Dime) Retro-Moderne Stef Chura “Sweet Sweet Midnight” Midnight Guitar Army “I Wanna Get High” Rose City Rock + Roll Years of […]

Mon June 3, 2019 – The Scrappers

1. Allesandro Rotondi Music “Around You” Around You 2. Tanbark “Promise to Send” Tanbark 3. MZTF “Liar” Single 4. Years of Ernest “Teetor Totter” Sort It Out 5. Tara Watts “Met A Girl” Pale Blue Moon 6. The Scrappers (live in studio) “Had A Friend” 7. The Scrappers (live in studio) “Everything’s In Style” 8. The Scrappers “Feel Love” The Scrappers 9. Drinkard Sisters w/ The Scrappers “Do I Do I” The Basement […]

Mon May 27, 2019 – Allesandro Rotondi

1. Just Mustard “Frank” Single 2. Skye Wallace “There Is A Wall” Skye Wallace 3. The Yawpers “Dancing On My Knees” Human Question 4. Reigning Sound “Everything I Do Is Wrong” Abdication… For Your Love 5. Damien Jurado “Where You Want Me To Be” In the Shape of A Storm 6. MZTF “Liar” Single 7. Caroline Spence “What You […]

Mon May 20, 2019 – Ty Sharron

1. Damien Jurado “Where You Want Me to Be” In the Shape of a Storm 2. Calexico / Iron & Wine “Father Mountain” Years to Burn 3. Daniel Romano “Empy Husk” Finally Free 4. Lydia Persaud Music “Honey Child” Let Me Show You 5. Mac Demarco “All Of Our Yesterdays” Here Comes the Cowboy 6. Tara Watts “By My […]

Mon Feb 8, 2019 – James McInnis

1. Juliana Hatfield “It’s So Weird” Weird 2. Ex:Re “Crushing” Ex:Re 3. Juliana Hatfield “Sugar” Weird 4. Foxwarren “Your Small Town” Foxwarren 5. Lee Harvey Osmond “Colours” Mohawk 6. Michelle Rumball “Cool Beauty’s Reply” Years Behind 7. Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson “Crazy Arms” Amour 8. James Spence (live in studio) “Sometimes Even God Has A Bad Day 8. James Spence (live in studio) “I Ain’t Got […]

Mon Jan 7, 2019 – Karen Morand

The Ar-Kaics “Some People” In This Time Stephen Malkmus &  the Jicks “Middle America” Sparkle Hard Outrageous Cherry “Gotta Get Back Inside Your Mind” Meet You in the Shadows Molly Burch “To the Boys” First Flower The Scrappers “Think Like A Thief” Single Roxanne Potvin “I Know It’s Good” All It Was The High Strung […]

Mon Dec 31, 2018 – The Bishops Boys

The High Dials “Illuminati Bop” Foreverish Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks “Middle America” Sparkle Hard Dan Mangan “Cold in the Summer” More or Less Jeff Tweedy “Let’s Go Rain” WARM Papa Ghostface “Prayer for Redemption” What We Lost in the Flood Poor Player “Flapjack Shack” Single Karen Morand “True North” Every Flash of Light South […]

Mon Dec 3rd, 2018 – Nick Juno

Papa Ghostface “Flood & Fists” What We Lost in the Flood The Brandy Alexanders “Ceiling Fan, Man” The Brandy Alexanders The Wanderlust Club “Sexual Friends” Sexpectations Outrageous Cherry “The Beginning of the End of the Night” Meet You in the Shadows” Drinkard Sisters “Paper Chain” Enough Already Mike Ward “The Other Side” We Wonder Nick […]

Mon Nov 12th – Jane Siberry

1. Jane Siberry “The White Tent the Raft” The Walking 2. Jane Siberry Interview 3. Jane Siberry “Hide Not Your Light” Angels Bend Closer 4. Jane Siberry “Temple” When I Was A Boy 5. Jane Siberry “Broken Birds” Teenager 6. Jane Siberry “The Waitress” No Border Here 7. Jane Siberry “Walk On Water” Angels Bend […]